So where can you play Texas Hold ‘Em online? It’s our favourite game here at Plenty Poker, and also the game that much of our strategy advice and tips are geared towards. This page has been put together to show you the best poker rooms to play it at. Our expert reviewers compare software, number of players, how easy it is to win, player support, sign-up bonuses and much more in order to rank them, and we only list trustworthy sites. When you choose to play at one of the poker rooms below, you know you’re in for a good game in a secure environment.

Play Texas Hold ‘Em Online – Compare Poker Rooms

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What types of Texas Hold ‘Em can you play online?

There are a number of variations on Texas Hold ‘Em when it comes down to betting structures, the three main types of Texas Hold ‘Em are outlined below. When most people think of the game, they tend to think of No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em.

No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em

No-limit (NL) texas hold ’em is the most popular form of poker played online. In NL texas hold ’em there are no betting limits, which means that on any one hand one or more players can get all of their stacks into the pot, which makes it the type of poker with the most variance (i.e. the most swings, so you can lose and gain lots of chips every hand), but also, in our opinion, the most exciting. It is typically NL texas hold ’em tournaments and cash games that you watch on the television, and hear about most often. This is the type of poker that most people think of when they hear “poker”, and what most people want to play.

Limit Texas Hold ‘Em

Limit texas hold ’em is less popular than its NL counterpart, but none the less still has a large online following. In limit texas hold ’em there is a limit on the amount you can bet each hand, which makes it much harder to bluff, and means that variance has far less of an impact on play. To be a profitable limit player you typically have to spend a lot of time grinding, so it’s not for everyone.

Pot Limit Texas Hold ‘Em

Pot limit texas hold ’em is a cross between limit and NL hold ’em. The betting in each hand is limited to the total size of the pot. This often means that with big hands a player can still get much of their stack into a pot, resulting in a game with variance and swings somewhere between limit and NL. Sometimes you may find tables where play is pot limit before the flop, but no-limit after the flop, for example. So a mixture of both pot-limit and no-limit play can be enjoyed.

What Texas Hold ‘Em game formats are available to play online?

There are a huge number of different game formats you can play online, ranging from traditional ring games, to tournaments with a whole host of blind structures, player limits, buy-ins and prizes. Each poker room tends to offer its own unique game formats too, all of which encourage different sorts of play. For example, in turbo tournaments, play tends to be looser and more aggressive than in traditional poker tournament structures, because the blind limits go up quickly. We’ve summarised a few of the most common game formats below.

Full Ring Games

A full ring game is a cash game with up to 9 players seated at any time. The players all buy-in with up to a maximum of usually around 250x the big blind in NL ring games. So for example if you were to play at a $0.02/$0.05 NL full ring game, you’d be able to buy-in with up to $12.50. We recommend when playing full ring games that you buy-in with the maximum amount possible, so that you can take your opponent for as much value as possible when you pick up a strong hand!

Limits offered for full ring games typically start as low as $0.01/$0.02, up to massive high stake games where the blinds go into the hundreds of dollars. The great thing about ring games is that you don’t need to set aside several hours (and the rest) to play them. You can come and go as you please, so they are ideal for making a bit of money when you have an hour spare, or even less. Many players play more than one ring game at once, which has led to the rise in multi-tabling.

Full ring games typically require tighter play than in 6-max ring games, because you have more potential players involved in a single hand, which means an increased chance of you running into another person with a strong starting hand.

play full ring texas hold 'em online

A full ring game being played at Poker Stars, with fairly high stakes

6-Max Ring Games

A 6-max ring game is played exactly the same as a full ring texas hold ’em game, as explained above. The primary difference is that rather than having a maximum of 9 players at the table, you have a lower maximum of 6 players. This means that play tends to be looser and more aggressive. At a 6-max table you would expect to play a wider range of starting hands, and generally be betting a greater proportion of your hands than in a full ring game.

play 6-max texas hold 'em online

A 6-max ring game being played at Titan Poker

Single Table Sit-n-Go’s

A single table sit-n-go is much like a mini texas hold ’em tournament, played on one table. There are many sit-n-go variations out there, ranging from 50/50 payout structures, whereby of those that buy-in, the final 50% left in all get double their money, to more traditional games, whereby the final 3 take the money, with 1st getting the most, then 2nd, then 3rd. Sit-n-Go’s can be a range of different tournament structures, too. They often go from traditional slow tournaments with 30 minute blind levels, to turbo sit-n-go’s where the blinds go up every few minutes.

Sit-n-Go’s are a great place to find weaker texas hold ’em players, as many recreational players to choose them over big multi table tournaments, because they cash more often and don’t have to play for hours on end to get their fix. Beating sit-n-go’s tends to be pretty simple at the low buy-ins at most online poker rooms.

Multi-Table Sit-n-Go’s

Multi-table sit-n-go’s are also fairly common. One of the most famous MTT sit-n-go’s is the 180 man turbo Sit-n-Go’s played at Poker Stars. We have our own exclusive strategy put together guiding you on one of the best ways to consistently cash in this particular structure, written here: 180 man turbo sit-n-go tournament strategy. Again, there are a huge variety of multi-table sit-n-go structures out there, play a few different ones and determine which your play is best suited towards. They are a great way of playing a tournament structure typically without having to invest 12+ hours of your time.

Multi-Table Tournaments

A multi-table tournament is much the same as a multi-table sit-n-go, the biggest difference is that a multi-table tournament can generally run up to much bigger sizes. It is not uncommon to see tournaments with thousands if not tens of thousands of players taking part. This means that the prizes can grow to enormous amounts. The big tournaments tend to attract lots of well known poker pros, Poker Star’s SCOOP each spring being one such example.

Multi-table tournaments carry a much higher variance than smaller multi-table sit-n-go’s and ring games, because you can potentially go many tournaments without ever cashing. Multi-table tournaments are great if you fancy your luck though, and for a solid player the rewards can be truly massive.