On this page we compare the top-rated online poker sites. All the highly rated poker rooms you see on this page have been reviewed and rated by professional poker players, so that you can be confident the site you have chosen is perfect for you. Here at Plenty Poker we compare online poker sites on a large number of different criteria, including but not limited to: player support, bonuses offered to players, security features, ease of deposit and withdrawal, player counts, ease of games and game variety. You can be sure that by playing at any of the top rated online poker sites we list, you will always get a good game, and be safe in the hands of an excellent poker room.

To compile this poker site top list we cut down our selection from dozens. Only the best poker sites made the cut, and we are proud to recommend all the rooms listed on this page. Choosing an online poker site to play at can be quite a daunting task, so we hope you find our top list useful! You can check out the full review for each of the top poker site’s listed by clicking the link underneath the respective logo, if you want to find out more about a particular room before playing.

2013's top rated online poker sites

The Best Online Poker Sites

Poker Room Rating (/10) Best sign-up bonus US Players?
Bovada PokerRead review 9.1 100% bonus up to $1000! US Players Allowed! Visit Bovada
Carbon PokerRead review 9 200% bonus up to $5000! US Players Allowed Visit Carbon Poker
Lock PokerRead review 9 200% bonus up to $4000! US Players Allowed Visit Lock Poker Download Lock Poker now

So why play poker at one of our top rated poker sites?

Poker gives a rush like no other: that feeling when you are deep in a poker tournament, knowing you are only a few big hands away from thousands of dollars, or in a cash game when you flop the nuts, trapping your opponent – is hard to beat. Before online poker sites truly took off in the early 2000’s, this feeling was restricted to playing in brick and mortar casinos. Thanks to the online poker boom, you can now get that feeling any time during the day or night, whenever you fancy playing.

Is online poker safe?

It seems that every year more and more online poker sites crop up, which makes it increasingly difficult to find the good ones. There are constant stories in the press of less reputable sites shutting down – which can make some people feel uneasy about depositing their hard earned cash. Here at Plenty Poker we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that we only promote legitimate, high quality poker sites, so you can be confident that where ever you play, your money is safe, and the site is not a fly-by-night operation, or in some way rigged. We’ve personally played thousands of hands at the poker sites we recommend, and have our cash invested there too!

How often is Plenty Poker’s Best Poker Site List Updated?

We update our top list frequently, as new rooms become available and have been thoroughly tested by our team. You can be sure that at any time, our recommended poker sites list is up-to-date, full of great recommendations. We are also constantly working to ensure that we have access to the best poker deposit bonuses out there, to pass onto our players.

Should I Play At More Than One Of Your Recommended Online Poker Rooms?

Yes! We thoroughly recommend that you play at multiple online poker sites – especially if you are playing with a fairly large bankroll, or playing lots of hands. There are a number of key reasons you should be playing at several rooms:

  1. You can take advantage of multiple deposit bonuses, earning you extra money in the long term.
  2. You can take advantage of all the great offers available, such as tournaments exclusive to particular poker rooms.
  3. Your risk is spread across multiple poker sites. Whilst we work hard to ensure that all the sites we recommend are highly trustworthy, it’s worth spreading your risk a bit. It’s much the same as if you had millions of dollars, you wouldn’t keep it all in one bank account, but spread it across a few!
  4. By playing at multiple poker sites you are exposed to lots of different games, and may find a particular format you are good at, or one with particularly bad players, that you can crush.

There are many more reasons to play at multiple online poker sites too, listing them all would be a book in itself – and we’re too busy reviewing poker sites to put together something like that!

What deposit/withdrawal options are available at the best online poker sites?

All of the poker sites we recommend on this page have a large number of different deposit and withdrawal options available to players. Typically a poker site offers at least the following options: Credit cardsBank Transfers & Debit Cards. You will then typically find many other deposit/withdrawal options, however these can vary significantly from site-to-site. You can check out our reviews for details of the deposit/withdrawal options available at any of the poker sites that we recommend.

More Interested In Games Other Than Poker?

That’s no problem. If you want to find an online casino that offers a large variety of different casino games, we recommend that you check out our list of the best online casinos. At our recommended casinos you can play games such as roulette, slots, blackjack, 3-card poker, let it ride, craps and much more. However, if poker is your first choice – we must stress that our recommended poker sites on this page will be better suited to you. Not all online casinos offer poker.